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Exclusive Quest for Launch of Pathfinder Unchained

Mike Brock of Paizo posted a release yesterday about the release of an exclusive quest for registered retailers on April 29, 2015 to support the release of Pathfinder Unchained. Paizo is hoping they can support the release of each hardcover book with a similar quest.“This quest is based on and utilizes content from our latest hardcover release Pathfinder Unchained. In the future, our plan is to provide more exclusive quests coupled with new hardcover rulebooks upon their public release.”

  • In this initial launch, the Unchained quest will only be provided to registered retailers.
  • The registered retailers may schedule it as many times and on whatever days as they like, and it will be store exclusive through the end of PaizoCon.
  • After PaizoCon, it will be made available as a free download for everyone!
  • It is the registered retailers’ responsibility to provide printed copies of the Quest to GMs to run the event.

Make sure to talk to your store owner if you think they are not aware of the quest.