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“Society Unchained” – Pathfinder Unchained & Organized Play

On Monday, Paizo posted some details on how the introduction of Pathfinder Unchained will impact Pathfinder Society Organized Play. The good news is that they considered organized play early on in production of the book and have a plan.  The ...
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Exclusive Quest for Launch of Pathfinder Unchained

Mike Brock of Paizo posted a release yesterday about the release of an exclusive quest for registered retailers on April 29, 2015 to support the release of Pathfinder Unchained. Paizo is hoping they can support the release of each hardcover book ...
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Pathfinder Society – Occult Society Revisited

Yesterday John Compton wrote a post about the Occult Adventures playtest closing. It sounds like the playtest went well and they are asking for feedback on how to make playtesting process in 2015 even better.
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Pathfinder Society – “Improvements Are A-Comin'”

Pathfinder has been working on addressing some of the “growing concerns” with their organized play and provided an update for players.