RPG Academy Interview, Part 2: Giving Old Characters New Edition Life

In Part 2 of my interview on the RPG Academy, Caleb G and I discuss breathing life into classic characters across editions. In celebration of that event, I’ve commissioned some of my favorite artists to interpret my 1st ever RPG character based on the same data.

The first piece is from industry cornerstone, Jacob Blackmon! In this picture, Eagle Eye and Yellowfur are relaxing on the coast of the Border Kingdom, serenading a pair of whales. I love the way he showed Yellowfur being more than an ordinary giant lynx and how he showed the coastline. This is a representation of Eagle Eye as the peaceful warrior, even when he’s had a lifetime (my lifetime, actually) of harsh experiences.

To learn more about Eagle Eye, Yellowfur, and the Border Kingdom, pop over to The RPG Academy and hear me talk about bringing older characters to life in the modern day, and the #EPICevent that will bring 3 podcasts/websites together for your enjoyment.