IA Comic-Con Special with Rich and Crysstal

That’s right, it’s that time of year here in San Diego and our friends at the IndieApocalypse podcast invited actress, writer, director, and comic aficionado, Crysstal Hubbard, and Consummate Aquaman Defender, Rich Howard, onto the show to talk about comics, animation, and live action superheroes in media, but what they got was Episode 1 of the “Rich and Crysstal Show”.

Sorry, boys, you made the mistake of letting us off the leash.

If you aren’t familiar with Crysstal, check out My Favorite Things in May for a link to her previous guest spot on IndieApocalypse talking about her upcoming fan film, Supergirl: Unburdened


Crysstal and I agree on 90% of everything the boys asked, with a couple of passionate (and hopefully interesting) exceptions, including one that is bound to get me hate mail.

So if you are wondering why Rich is such a crazy DC fan, what inspired Crysstal to do a Supergirl fan film, the history of the comics industry, why Marvel is trouncing DC in the theater, what independent film production is happening in San Diego, which Marvel and DC animated films/series are the best, what we think about the “leaked” Supergirl TV pilot, and so much more, tune in to hear a lot of us not letting the hosts get a word in edgewise!

Happy Comic Con Everyone!