New Tribality Community Created – Tribal Council

We have some very exciting news!!! Because of all the support that we’ve received through Patreon, we have been able to put together something new & exciting.

We have added a new forum called the Tribal Council for all our readers to stay in touch with all of the writers and other readers. We’ve slowly been inviting people to the community, but now we think it is ready to open it up to everyone.

  • You can find the community at: http://community.tribality.com/
  • There is a special section of the forum just for our Patreon supporters where we will share exclusive content with them.
  • We’ll be adding a link to the main navigation soon.
  • Please take a few minutes (link top right) to register and start participating in the community.
  • Once registered you can add your own avatar and provide information such as your location in your profile.

The dust is still settling and we might still need to iron out some issues. Just let us know if you have any experience any issues with the forum.

Thank you,
Mike & Shawn

p.s. We also recently added a page to recognize our top Patreon supporters here: http://tribality.com/supporters/