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Kobold Press – Midgard Worldbook for 5th Edition and PFRPG

Did you happen to miss the Midgard Kickstarter from Kobold Press? The Midgard Worldbook is for sale now to the public at the Kobold Store. The Midgard Worldbook is simply gorgeous with so much detail that you won’t believe it. A great campaign setting for D&D 5th Edition or Pathfinder that you must have.

The 460-page Midgard Worldbook includes:

  • The Midgard Campaign Setting is a dark world of deep magic, flavored with Central European myth and folklore – from the frozen Northlands to its wild steppes, dark forests, and craggy mountains.
  • The seeds of Midgard began with designer Wolfgang Baur’s high school D&D campaign, with the creation of the Free City of Zobeck. Many years later when Wolfgang started his company Open Design, he wrote adventures and sourcebooks for Zobeck, and worked with other designers to expand the world in response to customers’ questions about what lay further afield in the setting. The first Midgard setting book was published in 2012, with material compatible with Pathfinder and the AGE system.
  • The new Midgard Worldbook gives GMs everything they need to run a 5th edition campaign in Midgard, with enough system-neutral lore that you can easily use it with other fantasy RPGs. The book updates the setting by a decade.
  • The Midgard Heroes Handbook offers 5e players their entry point into the world, with new races and racial variants, class options, feats, backgrounds, and nearly 300 new spells.
  • As of today, the Midgard Worldbook and Heroes’ Handbook are both available for sale at KoboldPress.com
  • You can learn more about Midgard at https://koboldpress.com/midgard/


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