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Wheel of Flame – Tabletop RPG Accessory Candle Kickstarter

Well this is a type of RPG accessory I’ve never seen before.

A candle studio called Boonzy Arts is doing gangbusters on their Kickstarter campaign for candles designed to be used as tabletop rpg accessories – the WHEEL OF FLAME series. Each of the three candles is themed around a specific game world region:

  • Lair of the Dragon – A bloodred candle with a musky and smoky scent.
  • Fortress of Sorcery – An ashy blue candle with spicy sandalwood notes with hints of olive and cypress.
  • Forest of Enchantment – An olive green candle with an earthy oak scent highlighted with cedarwood and notes of eucalyptus.

You can use them to create ambiance for a play session, or just because you like the scent. Also, they each come with a hidden, embedded metal dice so they’re basically like cracker jack toys except instead of digging through caramel popcorn to get your prize you get to light something on fire.

The campaign is set to run until Aug. 23, and as of today it’s 240% funded! Check it out!