Talking TableTop for New and Aspiring Game Masters

Once again, James Mcclure and the Talking TableTop podcast hits it out of the park. I’ve been hearing about Darcy Ross since just before GenCon and listened to her brilliant guest appearance on the One Shot Podcast‘s Numenera sessions, so I’ve been looking forward to this interview for weeks. Though we’ve interacted minimally on social media, I’ve developed a serious respect for this GM who also loves to bring the “weirdness” of real biology to the gaming table. What I didn’t know until now is how fascinating her road to GM’ing has been.

I highly recommend any podcast with Jim as a moderator; his style, unique questions, and enthusiasm are infectious. This episode I recommend especially for new Game Masters and players thinking about making that leap. Darcy claims to be a “relatively new” GM, and the challenges she’s worked through are lessons for all of us, but it’s clear by the way she talks about running games that she was born to the role. There’s a reason she’s been featured on podcasts like One Shot and an upcoming RPG Gamer Dad, and has sold out virtual tables for The RPG Academy‘s AcadeCon.

 Thanks, Darcy, for daring to bring your passion and style to the table, and to Jim for sharing her story with the rest of us.

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