If you’ve been reading my articles here on Tribality for more than the last week or two, you probably know that I find a lot of interest in a historical perspective on game design and the decade-over-decade growth of rules. Today I want to tell you all about one of my new projects, the Edition Wars Podcast.

In the Edition Wars Podcast, Sam Dillon and I delve into each edition of D&D, discussing specific mechanics, how they were presented, and how that influenced gameplay. Our first episode, To Hit Rolls and Armor Class, starts in 1974 OD&D and wends its way forward to 3.x, and it’s available now. We had so much fun recording this episode, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

I feel I should say in advance that Sam and I don’t take an adversarial tone. We’re two friends talking about games we love.

We’ve also recorded Episode 002 (a James Bond joke may be in our future), in which we cover more elements of 3.x, then move forward through 4e and 5e. Sam does the actual work of editing, while I sit back and eat bonbons; it’ll be available soon. It’s also a good time to opine on topics you’d like to hear us cover – the comments section below works just fine.

Edition Wars is part of the Tome Show podcast family. I’ve been a fan of the Tome Show even longer than I’ve been a guest and, now, co-host. It has an enormous depth and variety of content to offer – audio from The World Tree Burns actual-play, DMing postmortems and session scheming with Behind the DM Screen, reviews of WotC and third-party products, a book club, and a whole lot more.

If you want to hear more of my dulcet tones in podcast format (bless you), there’s good news! My History of the Classes series here on Tribality got me invited to be the “resident historian” for the Tome Show’s own class analysis series. I was there for about half of the episodes in that series, I think? Anyway, those episodes were a ton of fun to record, some covering classes I haven’t yet gotten to in my column. (Episodes I’m not in are also great and you should listen to them too. Forgive me this blatant act of self-promotion – I’m only linking the ones I was on.)

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