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Tribality Celebrates its One Year Anniversary

Yes, Today is the one year anniversary of when we started Tribality. So today is Tribality.com’s “birthday!” Happy Birthday Website!!!

It has been a lot of hard work, but there have been a lot of benefits. We have a lot of great authors sharing the experience with me, and building the website with great articles: Shawn Ellsworth, A. A. Amirault, Brandes Stoddard, Rich Howard, J. M. Perkins, and Ben Latham. There have also been a lot of guest authors that have sent us stories to publish: Dale Meier, Mark Cookman, Aaron der Schaedel, Jessica Celeste Deuel, Bobby Evans, James Walls and Matthew Leopin. I also have to give a thanks to all the readers and other bloggers that have helped us. Thank you all!

Here are some stats about the first year…

The Website Stats

There were a lot of hiccups at first. We didn’t realize how popular the website would be at first, and the site would shutdown from a lot of people jumping on and reading our articles. We had to change website services and switch to a higher bandwidth. Looking at the raw numbers, here are some of the stats:

  • There have been more than 1 million(!) page views since October 1st, 2014.
  • Visitors come from 3 main sources
    • Social: Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Google+, Twitter
    • Organic Search
    • Direct (Returning readers!)
    • Enworld (A great bulletin board website with tons of news & reviews)
  • 601 published articles!

Most popular posts

We have had a lot of popular posts over the year. The top 10 posts of the first year of Tribality are…

#10 D&D 5e Polymorph Spell – Is it Overpowered?

#9 Naval Combat Rules for D&D 5th Edition

#8 Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Resources

#7 D&D 5e Spell Book Cards

#6 System Agnostic: The Home of the One Hundred Saved

#5 Avengers Assemble

#4 Dungeons & Dragons Movie Officially Announced

#3 Top 14 Old School D&D Modules

#2 System Agnostic: The City of Salt in Wounds

And the #1 most popular post is… 12 Famous People Who Play D&D

What’s coming up in our 2nd year?

We will be adding some more Tribality writers. We have had a great gang of authors this past year and I hope that we can grow the website even more. We have tested a lot of different ideas, and I think what we have works right now. Fresh ideas are always welcomed though, and we are always looking for great writers.

I am also hoping that we can start publishing more than just articles, and publish actual game design documents. There are a lot of ideas that need more than a WordPress formatted article to get the ideas across. A well designed published document is much better. We hear all of you out there asking for them and plan to get that off the ground very soon.

Any support is appreciated and you can help make year two even better than this year by becoming a patron of Tribality.


Personal stuff

You might want to skip this part. There are some “feels” in it, but here it goes…

This is a great hobby for me, but my life is mainly Family. They always take top priority over any hobby that I may be involved. I really like role-playing games, and I have a wonderful wife that works with me on scheduling time that takes me away from the Familia. 🙂

With that said, I have to thank my friend Shawn. Because the second priority in my life are Friends. And friends are really hard to find in this world. Shawn is the guy that kept pushing me to write about my hobby, and put this website together last year. I don’t know what he saw in me. And he has always been there when I need to talk, or vent, or worry with me about the site. And I hope that we will continue to always be friends.

I really have enjoyed this past year writing and having a voice in the community. It was really awesome walking into Gen Con, and being able to talk in person with some of the people that I’ve met this past year through Tribality. I am planning to be in Indianapolis again in 2016, but I want to have a much more relaxed schedule. So I will be able to meet more people instead of running around the convention center.


Thanks for reading and being there with us this past year.


Want to be a writer?

Start off by sending us an email. You can send an introductory message by using the link to the side. Or you can send me a direct email to michael@tribality.com with an idea of what you’d like to write about.

We write about lots of things. Reviews, News, Crowd Funding, DM Tools, Player optimization, Campaign ideas… Articles are normally 1000 to 1500 words. Guest Articles are not compensated, but help to get your ideas out there and promote yourself.