Enterprising D&D 5e fan Marsupialmancer has created a fan conversion of the Council of Wyrms setting from AD&D, Second Edition. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, the Foreword of the conversion document tells you everything you need to know:

Dragons. They fascinate and inspire so many designers of roleplaying games, regardless of genre. From fantasy to science fiction, dragons lurk in the shadows, soar in the skies, and stalk beyond the edges of all our meticulously­designed maps, their presence marked by the adage that goes with those uncharted territories: “Here Be Dragons.”

With this document, I took on the task of updating old rules and design conceits to match current precepts and expectations laid out by Wizards of the Coast in their latest edition of the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game. While I won’t claim it to be perfect and without rough edges, it is my sincere hope that these rules will lead to the running of campaigns in which the players are given the power to command the mightiest of creatures against equally fearsome opponents.

Go then, and let all living things shudder at your terrible approach!

Most compelling among the adaptations, Marsupialmancer has replaced Backgrounds – which don’t fit dragons so well – with Natures, describing the drives and individuating talents of each dragon. Give it a look!