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Steam Lunar New Year Sale!

With the announcement of the 5e OGL/SRD and some potential changes in my work life, I’ll be taking a short hiatus from The Game Room and From the Depths. Look for announcements on new projects, PDFs, and more coming soon!

Until then, you don’t have to go without aquatic gaming in your life! 

This week, Steam announced a special Lunar New Year sale on aquatic-themed video games! Check it out here.

Games on sale include:

Steam Aquatic Sale



In addition to a flood of video game goodness, one of my favorite ocean-going game designers, Mark Cookman, can now be supported on Patreon! You’ve heard me talk about Mark and his company, Black Shark Enterprises, on the Dungeon Masters’ Block, Talking TableTop, and more.

Link over to DriveThruRPG.com or his Patreon page to check out his nautical offerings.

Mark Cookman and Black Shark Enterprises Patreon Page