DRAGON+ Issue 6 – Ravenloft Awaits!

Issue #6 of Dragon+ is available on the mobile app and on the web as well as via a mobile app. In this month’s issue you’ll find:

raven loft awaits.png

  • Jim Zub interview and his Top 5 tips for Writing a D&D Comic
  • Tracy Hickman interview and the roots of Ravenloft
  • Travel Talk: A visit to Barovia story by Ed Greenwood
  • Top 6 Warlock Features in the Sword Coast Legends video game
  • Reprint of the 2nd Unearthed Arcana about Mystics & Psionics by Mike Mearls
  • Finding fun in D&D Board Games article
  • Interview with Rothfuss
  • Dungeons, Dragons & Disabilities Article by Elsa Henry
  • Raven loft walkthrough map by Jason Thompson
  • Tavern Tales: Dungeon Masters Guild
    • Curse of Strand Preview 1st level mini-Adventure: DEATH HOUSE
    • Discussion of Adventure League upcoming adventures; Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts Season 4!
  • Sage Advice by Jeremy Crawford
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