Steampunk Adventurers for 5e is now available on DriveThruRPG from Tribality Publishing!

With STEAMPUNK ADVENTURERS you can provide your players with new player character options for 5th edition to create steampunk themed characters. These options can be used to play an entire campaign in a steampunk setting, or just to provide a player with more steampunk flavored options than provided by core 5th edition materials.

Allow your players to gear up with 14 pages of custom backgrounds, equipment and feats created just for their steampunk adventurers.

Product Information

This product will allow you to provide your Steampunk Adventurers with:

  • 2 new steampunk themed backgrounds:
    • Fortune Teller
    • Guild Artisan: Apothecary
  • A fully detailed list of over 80 steampunk weapons, armor, adventuring gear and tools
  • 3 new steampunk flavored feats:
    • Firearms Expert
    • Nimble
    • Tinkerer

These materials were designed to be used with 5th edition rules and can be played directly into your 5th edition favorite campaign.

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