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Goodman Games’ Mutant Crawl Classics – Kickstarter

This is the last day for everyone to join in and support the new Mutant Crawl Classics by Jim Wampler. The kickstarter has already been funded, and they almost at 1000% of their goal.  There are only hours left, so hurry up and back this great project so that more stretch goals can be crushed! Delivery of the books for backers are planned to start Summer 2017. Here are the details from the kickstarter:

Triumph & Technology Won by Mutants & Magic

mutant crawl classicsYou’re no zero. You’re a wasteland wanderer: a mutant, a seeker, a robot-killer, a stoic shaman guarding forgotten ancient sciences. You seek triumph and technology, winning it with mutations and magic, soaked in the radiation and quantum fields of the mutated, the savage, the semi-sentient, and the artificially intelligent. There are treasures to be won in the taboo lands and ruins, and you shall have them.

Return to the glory days of science fiction gaming with the Mutant Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. Adventure like it’s 1978 again, with modern rules grounded in the origins of post-apocalyptic role playing. Fast play, a mysterious future, and 100% compatibility with the DCC RPG system await you — just activate your artifact…

Mutant Crawl Classics (MCC RPG) is a stand-alone setting that applies the DCC RPG rules to a post-apocalyptic setting. You’ll love MCC if you like Gamma World, Metamorphosis Alpha, or DCC RPG. You don’t need to own DCC to play MCC.

What is Mutant Crawl Classics?

MCC RPG is both a supplement to Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG as well as a complete game in its own right. You can use these rules to run your own post apocalyptic role playing game, or simply as a way to spice up your existing DCC RPG campaign with the addition of mutants, artificial intelligences, and futuristic technology. These rules are designed to be 100% compatible with the DCC RPG rulebook, and characters and monsters from either system should mesh seamlessly into your campaign with little or no adjudication required.

Who created it? MCC is written by Jim Wampler. Jim is a longtime veteran of the RPG industry – you can read his complete bio below!

What is the format? MCC will be published as a hardcover book, 8.5”x11” trim size, with a color cover and B/W interior pages. We anticipate it being approximately 160-180 pages long. It will be chock full of outstanding original art, in the same style as DCC RPG.

Show me what it looks like. Certainly! MCC RPG has been in the works for years, and Goodman Games has published several previews of MCC RPG. Here are some for you to check out:


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