I’m busy working on my Storm King’s Thunder review, so this week’s Campaign Trail article is just going to take a quick look at D&D’s feedback from feats and their new August Survey. Chris Lindsay over at D&D shared the feedback they collected on the Unearthed Arcana feats article from back in June. He also provides all of us with a new survey to fill out for August that looks at the current Dungeon Master’s Screen and other tools used when running your game.

Feats Feedback

Back in June 2016, Mike Mearls published an Unearthered Arcana article looking at feats, that provided possible new feats focused on weapons and tools. According to their results the survey indicates that the article was well received, especially those that were more original. They provide these specifics:

  • As weapon mastery feats go, Spear Mastery and Fell Handed received high marks, while Blade Mastery and Flail Mastery weren’t quite as well received. Based on this, I’d say that quite a lot of fighters are looking for a little something to extend their reach in melee combat, and that we might want to tinker a bit more with options for the sword and flail.
  • Among the tool feats, the Alchemist and Gourmand feats had very high marks, while the Master of Disguise and Burglar feats received a rather lukewarm reception. With the pervasive popularity of network cooking shows, it is no wonder that you’d rather have your heroes whipping something up in the kitchen (or lab), then performing illicit acts of skullduggery.

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August Survey

“We’d like to take a good, hard look at our current Dungeon Master’s Screen, as well as other tools you use when running your game. To that end, we have a new survey.”

The August survey is pretty short, asking questions about the DM screen and looking to see if you use dungeon tiles, pawns/tokens and other game tools.

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One other interesting piece of text to take note of in Chris’ article is the mention of a major rules expansion. So it will be interesting to see how that plays out in Unearthed Arcana articles for us to playtest and the final product.

“As we continue to work out what our first major rules expansion to fifth edition might look like, feedback like this is incredibly useful in helping us push those boundaries without breaking something that we already enjoy. Since filling gaps in the game is a focus for that project, we hope to pepper you with even more opportunities to provide feedback on our efforts in the very near future.”

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