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Roleplaying Podcasts – Other Games

Looking for roleplaying podcasts about Fate, Powered by the Apocalypse or other non D&D systems? Here they are!

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– Discussion –

+1 Forward (Powered by the Apocalypse)
Curious about Monsterhearts, Dungeon World or Apocalypse World? check out +1 Forward. With discussion on the system and genre, followed by sample encounter of actual play, this podcast is both entertaining and informative. Great for people new and old to PBTA.

Cypherspeak (Cypher System)
Heard of Numenera, The Strange or Gods of the Fall? well Cypherspeak covers these games and a host of others. Each episode deals with a facet of those games and gives a flurry of ideas of how to use that facet in your games. Examples from other systems are given for new folk to understand the Cypher way.

The Gauntlet (Fate, PBTA, Other)
This is one of the most organised and supportive inclusive online gaming communities you will ever find. All the hosts are regular online and offline gamers. If you want to know anything about the indy gaming community this is an excellent place to start.

Hearty Dice Friends
Chris and Grant answer questions from reddit, email and twitter in an informative and humorous way. The insights they bring from the many games they’ve played and created shows every episode. Come for the laugh, stay for the owlbears!

Misdirected Mark
Phil, Chris and Old Man Logan discuss a variety of ways to play and run games in different ways, enabling you to tweak your game as you desire. A plethora of genres and systems are discussed and these folks are active in the community. Join them online and enjoy the chatroom!

Pandas Talking Talking (Introduction to RPG)
These mad pandas chat about all things gaming, breaking it down for new gamers, people trying different systems and old veterans alike. Topics are suggested by listeners, so a wide variety of gaming aspects are discussed. Hang around for the bloopers at the end.

Stop, Hack & Roll
Want to modify part of a game or create your edition? this is the podcast for you. Each episode James and Brandon fire a topic into the psychic maelstrom and it spews forth a plethora of options, relating each method to existing or upcoming systems. New gamers welcome, they break concepts down for everyone.

– Actual Play –

DSPN Presents (variety of systems, 3-4 episode arcs)
Don’t Split The Podcast Network presents a variety of 3-5 episode stories with guests from across the gaming community. Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons, Shadow of the Demon Lord and more! Always entertaining and solid editing.

Party of One (variety of systems, one shots)
Each week Jeff delights us with a different genre or system with a one player story. A wide variety of guests and stories is undertaken by great story tellers. Gate, Powered by the Apocalypse, D&D-It’s all here. An awesome introduction to how a each game works for new and veteran systems.

That DnD Podcast (variety of systems, 3-30+ episode arcs)
These folks will play and run anything. D&D, Blades in the Dark, Fantasy Flight Star Wars, Dungeon World, Fiasco and more! Join the madcap adventures of each team as they progress, challenge and entertain with every episode. http://www.thatdndpodcast.com/