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Princes of the Apocalypse Available on Roll20

Presentation & Graphics10
Clarity & Readability9.5
Ease of Use9
9.6Overall Score
The Roll20 Version is a great time saver for online play! For new DMs to Roll20, there is a learning curve to Roll20 like any other toolset, but you'll be able to catch on after watching a few instruction videos. A lot of it is intuitive, and there is plenty of experienced DMs out here that can help.

Today!! Princes of the Apocalypse has been released Roll20. It joins several other digitally converted D&D 5th edition adventure modules that are offered on Roll20. Lost Mine of Phandelver, Curse of Strahd, Storm King’s Thunder, Tomb of Annihilation, Tales of Yawning Portal, and Tyranny of Dragons (Hoard of the Dragon Queen & The Rise of Tiamat). And like each of those, it has been painstakingly converted from the book into a well crafted digital version of the book.

The module is organized and has all of the elements needed to run an online campaign that will last several months depend on how often you can play. If you have any of the other modules, you will see the work that was put into this conversion, and it will save you a lot of time running your own campaign online.  All of the maps are there at your finger tips along with hidden tokens for monsters and NPCs.

If you are interested in playing an online D&D campaign and have experienced players wanting a challenge, then I highly recommend this adventure. You can start with fresh characters and go up to level 15. There are some added options for player character when you play Princes of the Apocalypse like spells and races (see OOOOSH). If you follow the D&D Adventurers League (AL) rules, you can play those characters in Adventurers League games that are run at your local hobby shop, other online AL games, home games, or AL convention games (like the great ones that Baldman Games runs at Winter Fantasy/Origins or GenCon)

There is some required practice for running D&D games on Roll20. I’ve been playing on Roll20 for a long time now, and I remember my first few sessions. It takes a little time, patience, and learning and you’ll make some mistakes. This isn’t meant to scare you away, but just wanting to let you know.

You can go to the marketplace here: Roll20 Princes of the Apocalypse

The Elemental Evils have risen, and it is time to traverse through fire, flood, wind, and stone in this epic adventure from Wizards of the Coast. Princes of the Apocalypse takes players from levels 1 through 15 on a multi-month journey that only the most cunning will survive.

Featured in this Roll20 module:

  • Hundreds of pages of carefully converted content.
  • More than 20 battle ready maps, enhanced with Dynamic Lighting and support for Advanced Fog of War.
  • Complete character sheets and tokens for every NPC and monster, with simple click-to-roll skills, actions and spells.
  • Rollable tokens for all shapeshifters, and some alternate options for NPC’s.
  • Rollable tables and Macro Options for all random encounters.
  • Art handouts to share with players to immerse them in the story.
  • New Spells and Player Options included as easy to share handouts for players.


Here are some previews of the module on Roll20. Click on them to enlarge:


Here is the Roll20 trailer




* The digitial content can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.