Today we start a trilogy of movie total conversions into modern supernatural horror.

The Phantom Menace

Internet Movie Database – ‘Two Jedi Knights escape a hostile blockade to find allies and come across a young boy who may bring balance to the Force, but the long dormant Sith resurface to claim their old glory.’
IMDB Link – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120915/?ref_=fn_al_tt_8

Antagonists – Trade Federation (secretly prompted by Lord Sidius), Lord Sidius & Darth Maul.
Protagonists – Naboo Queen, Two Jedi, Child with Jedi potential.
Third Parties – Gungans on Naboo.

The Trade Federation have blockaded Naboo over a disagreement in trade tariffs, so the Naboo seek Jedi aid in negotiations but the negotiations are an ambush. The Trade Federation are pushed into invasion of Naboo. Meanwhile the Jedi escort the Naboo Queen to the Galaxy core and back to try to fix the situation.

Version 1

Vampires have corrupted and taken over city hall, declared martial law on this state. The Protagonists are Mages and Hunters who need certain components to create a ritual to remove the Vampires mind effecting powers from the mortal citizens and reverse the Martial Law. To do this will need the help of the Lycans, who so far have been unaffected by the change.

Player characters could be :

  • A hotshot driver (Anakin).
  • A Wizard with telekinesis powers (Qui-Gon).
  • A city alderman or policewoman who knows the laws (Padme).
  • A talkative but helpful Lycan who masters at distractions (Jar jar).

At some point…

  • Protagonists may start off near city hall, and have the option to hide nearby and sabotage, or go for help and gather others.
  • Vampire minions-police and national guard start taking over key areas in suburbs.
  • Car race to prove skill or get away from bad guys (Podrace) Innocents may be hurt.
  • Vampire tries to kidnap the driver or sabotage their vehicle to slow them down (Darth Maul)
  • Protagonists will have to do a sub quest or favour for the Lycans to get them involved, or be super persuasive, perhaps a test of might.

Version 2

Lycans patrol the city outskirts and prevent people from leaving. They have been stirred up by ghosts of a Mage Cabal seeking to restore themselves to life. The Lycans are searching the city for the chosen ones, people with untrained magic or lycan potential that will be used in the ghost mage cabals ritual. The protagonists are a group of various supernatural folk who want something other than this situation.

Player characters could be –

  • A young untrained Mage who is good with mechanical devices (Anakin).
  • A faerie that can fly and who is good with locks (R2).
  • Master of twin sword style fighting (Obi-Wan).
  • Motivational speaker who’s handy with a firearm (Padme).

At some point…

  • Lycans or Vampires have infected people the heroes know, the people may inform their new masters, or still be loyal to the heroes.
  • Other ghosts may be able to inform the heroes of the Mage cabal activities, seeking rest they want an end to the situation.
  • Astral quest or mystic dual to distract Ghost Mages or find their weakness (Podrace)
  • Lycan trained by Mage cabal arrives and challenges them (Darth Maul)
  • If the heroes try to make speeches to gather groups to aid them, they may gather groups of police, students, gym-junkies and shopkeepers.

Want more?

  • Flesh golem/Frankenstein constructs amble around the Vampire hideouts, or go wandering the streets looking for the heroes. (Battle droids)
  • Bad guys corner the heroes in a hardware store or supermarket and the heroes get the chance to play with improvised weapons.
  • If heroes get badly hurt, a bad guy will offer to bite/infect them for a better life.
  • The Lycan-Mage or Vampire version of Darth Maul may have certain equipment made by a company that is a front. Which hints at hidden masters.
  • If the heroes are struggling against Vampire or Lycans, their captors may stop to feed giving the heroes a chance to escape.