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Play D&D in the Magic: The Gathering World of Ravnica This November

It’s official! WotC is bringing Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering together in a major product release on November 20, 2018. The Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica will contain everything fans need to play D&D in this setting. Ravnica is a worldwide cityscape covering an entire plane with an Eastern European vibe. The setting was first seen back in 2005 in the 36th expansion set for M:tG called Ravnica: City of Guilds.

While we have seen free PDFs in the past with five M:tG settings for D&D 5e (Zendikar, Innistraad, Kaladesh, Amonkhet and Ixalan) released as free PDFs in the Plane Shift series to support a M:tG art book, this is the first major product getting the hardcover treatment.

Here are some details from the official product page.

Explore a worldwide cityscape filled to the brim with adventure and intrigue in this campaign setting for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

A perpetual haze of dreary rain hangs over the spires of Ravnica. Bundled against the weather, the cosmopolitan citizens in all their fantastic diversity go about their daily business in bustling markets and shadowy back alleys. Through it all, ten guilds—crime syndicates, scientific institutions, church hierarchies, military forces, judicial courts, buzzing swarms, and rampaging gangs—vie for power, wealth, and influence. These guilds are the foundation of power on Ravnica. They have existed for millennia, and each one has its own identity and civic function, its own diverse collection of races and creatures, and its own distinct subculture. Their history is a web of wars, intrigue, and political machinations as they have vied for control of the plane.

Item details

Price: $49.95
Release Date: 20 November, 2018
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0786966592


I also just received a press release for Ravnica and Eberron. Here’s some details from it.

“Fans of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering have been asking for years about when these two amazing brands would play together,” said Nathan Stewart, director of D&D. “With the huge surge in popularity of D&D and Magic’s commitment to bring the lore and storytelling to life, the timing seemed perfect. Ravnica is full of adventure possibilities and I can’t wait for fans to jump in to embody a member of one the iconic guilds. I will personally be making a new character for Rakdos.”

“This fall, Magic returns to the beloved plane of Ravnica with the release of the Guilds of Ravnica set for the trading card game and the D&D book Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica which will include classes, races, monsters and setting information on the ten opposing guilds,” said Elaine Chase, Vice President, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing for Magic: The Gathering. “It’s super cool for fans of D&D and Magic to be playing together in the same multiverse.”

“We’re excited for fans to dive deeper into the robust world of Ravnica as they adventure as a member of their favorite guild,” said Aaron Forsythe, Senior Design Director for Magic: The Gathering. “Picking up Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica is a great way for D&D and Magic fans alike to tell a part of Ravnica’s story with their friends around the table.”

Since the inception of Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition with the public playtest involving more than 175,000 fans and continuing with the current record-breaking success of the brand, the focus has been on listening to fan feedback. D&D is excited to travel to Ravnica and Eberron in 2018 and other planes beyond in 2019!