Tribality at Gen Con 2018

Gen Con was founded in 1968 and is the original, longest-running gaming convention in the world.

“With 500 exhibiting game companies, award-winning authors and artists, vibrant costumes, thousands of events, family entertainment, food trucks, a beer garden, and the debut of hundreds of exciting new games, Gen Con truly is The Best Four Days in Gaming™.”

Members of our tribe will be a Gen Con this year and we’ll try our best to meet you in person. For those of you who are unable to attend, we’ll try to provide some coverage in between enjoying all of the festivities.

Michael Long

Michael will be at the JW Mariott running and helping to organize D&D Adventurers League games.
Thursday & Friday – Noon until 1am
Saturday – Noon until 9:00pm

Brandes Stoddard

Brandes will be running playtests for Talisman the Roleplaying Game, Thursday evening and most of Saturday.
He’ll also be playing Grim War II on Thursday and 13th Age on Friday.

Rich Howard

Richard will be mostly promoting Descent into Midnight (An aquatic roleplaying game exploring the depths of the sentient mind. ). You can find his schedule here.
Other Scheduled Events:
  • Thursday I’m running Masks for Magpie 10-2 and Saturday from 2-6.
  • Saturday night I’ll be at the Don’t Split the Podcast after-hours gathering.

Shawn Ellsworth

No Gen Con for me this year. I’ll be running our remote coverage from back home.