Today I present Tir Na Gren – a fantasy area of that you can use for a one shot, as part of the Rikirta setting, or link it to other settings.

NationTir na gren

Population – 50% Elves, 25% Humans, 25% Mix (Tengu, Nekomata (Cat folk), Satyr, Dryad, Varin (Panda folk), Grakar (Pangolin folk), Lugat (Bat folk), Ranik (frog folk) & Merfolk).

  • Cities – 2 Flying-2 Tengu (Lyrikav, Muerat). 2 Land-Elven-Elleri, Nadiri.
  • Deities – Gabrielle (Music, Art), Sygnara (Plants, Weather).
  • Mounts : Land-Llama. Aquatic-Giant Sea Horses.
  • Shared Languages : Elven,

Geography – Central mountain chain stretches from eastern border to middle of the realm. Rivers and valleys stretching north and south from the central mountain range. Miles of grasslands on the western third of the realm. Far western point is seaside cliffs.

  • Central Hills – Temperate Grassland, Summer 50-68F (10-20C). Winter 48-68F (9-20C). Rainfall Summer 30mm, Winter 70mm. Frequent Rain Late Autumn to Early Spring.
  • Coastal Lowlands – Tropical Shrublands, Summer 59-77F (15-25C). Winter 35-53F (2-12C). Rainfall Summer 20mm, Winter 50mm.

Many Watermills – used for milling cotton, flour, ore & wool.

Caer Har – plateau, neutral ground for Fey and meeting place for Druids and Dryads.
Caer Trygyr – plateau, neutral ground and meeting place for Lycanthropes.

Town – Elleri : Population 10,500.
– Four sacred shrines to Gabrielle in city parks. 25% of population are Elves.
Tavern – Jewelled Vagabond; Many Elves, moderate food & entertainment. Large vined place.
Tavern- Five Branches; Good food, many entertainers, some Bards. Wooden structure. Some Merfolk.

City – Lyrikav : Population 25,600.
– Many Tengu cliff and tree nests. Silver & Copper mines in the hills.
Tavern – Hallowsong – Tavern, quality meals and music, private booths, popular with Elves.
Tavern – No Mans Lamb – Tavern, Sign has lamb alone on a hill. Lamb farms on hills in view.

Scattered around Tir na gren are Oakunut groves – oak trees with coconuts which are very hard. During Skogyr zenith (4th moon being full) the trees whisper words of wisdom.

  • Forest – Vydra Woods. Many Otters.
  • Strigis Hills – Many owls out at night, Goblin lairs in the valleys.

Tir na gren Adventure Hooks

  • Something is disturbing the Giant Rats in the Forest of Stars.
  • The Mannaz sea is rising higher each evening. Find out why.
  • Patrols attacked in Vydra Woods (Kobolds or Naga from the east).
  • The Shogun Tir na gren has requested a kimono from petals from every type of flower in the realm.
  • See if the Ettins in Strigis Hills wish to trade or agree to peace.

Culture of Tir na gren

Ranks : Archon, Samurai, Khan, Daimyo, Shogun.

Becoming a citizen – Citizens can marry, build property, trade goods with others, and can become nobles or elders.
– 1 year Border patrol or farming service must be undertaken.
– Insignia: Golden Cloak with purple and green crescents facing each other.
– Required for marrying a citizen.
– Bandits are considered Outlaws. This means they live outside society and are not protected by law and have no rights with in it.

  • Crimes Minor – assault, concealment, impersonation, intimidation, theft, vandalism.
  • Crimes Major – arson, consorting (with monsters), murder, sedition, torture, treason.
  • Punishment Minor – 1 months patrol of roads-caravans or coasts per offence.
  • Punishment Major – 6 months patrol of roads-caravans or coasts per offence.

Cultural Notes :

– Birthdays, Marriages and alliances are marked with giving of jade ornaments and jewellery.
– Buildings : Farms – Many rice farms. Nobles have 3-7 level pagoda houses. Every house has a meditation room or zen garden. Most homes have ceramic roof tiles.
– Clothes – Conical hat, sandals, lose pants and shirt. Kimono for formal occasions.
– Common food – Rice cakes, Ramen (Noodle Soup) and Sushi rolls (vinegared rice with meat), All meals eaten with chopsticks.
– Meat from hooved animals (horse, cow, goat) is illegal.
– Dead are sent to the sky to become stars with funeral pyres, never burial.
– Monks in Monstaries-Multiple shrines within. Summoning of Demons & Undead is illegal.
– Most common hobbies are calligraphy, gardening and martial arts.
– People of this culture have strong family ties have often all members of several families are allies for generations.
– Shape-shifters & Humanoids are called Bakemono.
– Well patrolled roads, Agriculture-drainage & crop growing.

Where to slot inTir na Gren in other settings –

  • Greyhawk-North West of Barrier Peaks, trading with tribes of Ull.
  • Faerun-East of Narfell, Years of non-aggression with the horse tribes.
  • Krynn-North of Solamnia. Some sea trade with merchants.

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