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Acquisitions Incorporated is Teaming Up with D&D to Release a Dungeon Manual

At PAX South 2019 some interesting news came out. Penny Arcade is partnering with Wizards of the Coast (D&D’s Publisher) to release an official Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual this summer. This is the first official third-party D&D book. According to the announcement, with the manual, “fans will be able to franchise their own branch of the famous finders collective.

The book was originally being planned as a Kickstarter, but when WotC found out about the book, they partnered up.

Jerry Holkins described the book as a cool book in general full of cool art, strange characters, and weird goings-on that demand to be inserted into home campaigns… It’s much more focused on personalities and the mysteries of the organization. We do feature a number of strange new items that go along with your role in the company, though I probably shouldn’t say much more than that.

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Penny Arcade has been teamed up with D&D since the early days of D&D 4e when Chris Perkins ran a game for the Penny Arcade team that they rolled out as a podcast detailed their introduction to D&D. Since then, their little game has turned into a popular Twitch stream and live show at PAX events. The team has travelled throughout the D&D multiverse and has even expanded into multiple shows.

This also is not the first time that Penny Arcade has worked on a book with WotC. Mike Krahulik provided the cover of 2010s Dungeons & Dragons: Player’s Strategy Guide and the interior of the books contains lots of cartoony artwork.