On the World of Oerth, many stories are told of the lands of Greyhawk, the creatures and adventurers who inhabit these stories become legend.


This week we delve into Syrmyr, a Sea Hag lair within White Fanged Bay, off the coast of Stonefist in the north east.

The water is fairly cold except around the coral reefs where warmer water swirls constantly.

Environment : If the heroes do not have access to Underwater breathing magics, the local Sorcerer offers a solution.
Wear a Cuttlefish Shell necklace, which allows the wearer to breath underwater for 3 hours and is then used up. He has 6 total.
– Optional side effect-Start turning into Kuo-toa if they go unconscious.


Pre Greyhawk Wars : Stonefist ships have been raiding everyone north of this area, and the Sea Hag migrated closer to shore for safety.

Post Greyhawk Wars : Horned Society bribed the Sea Hag to come to this area to plague Iuz and his allies. The Sea Hag is happy to give locations of a Horned Society lair in return for her freedom.


Sea Zombies – Observant heroes may notice the Sea Zombies are former Flannae villagers from the past five generations, by their clothes and family crest jewellery.

Sea Hag – If able to flee from hostilities, she will flee to her backup lair by a river in Forlorn Forest to the west, and come back to toy with the heroes another time.

Potential Loot – Cloak of Manta Ray, 2D12 Pearls (worth 50 gp each), Ring of Water Elemental Command, 2D8 Lobsters (ready to cook-yummy stuff!), Wand of Polymorph (13 charges).


Plot One :

  • Recruiter/Reward : Fishermen and Merchants. Offer 50 gold each to investigate, triple that if the issue is resolved.
  • Quest : Over the past three weeks Fish are gone from the area and many nets have been found shredded. Find out what is going on.
  • Non-Combat Challenge – See normal Underwater movement/magic rules, also reduced visibility.
  • The Hag will leave town if 1 of the  heroes will serve her for 3 months. Cooking, Kidnapping, Cleaning, the usual stuff.
  • Obstacles : Sea zombies in the area will be attracted to blood, magic or combat.
  • Curve Ball – Once the Sea Hag is talked to or fought, Giant (3ft shells) Crabs start attacking the PC and will follow them back to the village. The local Walruses may come to the heroes aid and fight the Giant Crabs.


Plot Two :

  • Recruiter/Reward : Church of Pelor. 100 Gp each and 2 potions of 2d8 healing.
  • Quest : Sea Zombies keep ambling into town.
  • Non-Combat Challenge – The Sea Zombies will keep coming until they are all destroyed or they are given the chance to say goodbye/visit their families graves etc. Some of the Zombies are fleeing the constant nightmares they have near the underwater Incabulous shrine.
  • Obstacles : Local thieves will escalate pick pocketing and burglaries while the sea zombies visit.
  • Curve Ball – The Zombies are not attacking first, they are seeking their families (living or dead). If a Cleric can be persuaded to offer a sermon at the graveyard the zombies will attend, some will sink into the ground and find peace.


Greyhawk set – https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/17392/World-of-Greyhawk-Fantasy-Game-Setting-1e

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