More shrines from the various deities of Greyhawk for your good selves…

These shrines are designed to be slotted into a region and visited during a game as a side trek or as part of a larger issue.


Deity : Mayaheine (Justice, Protection, Valor)

Altar Description : Armored female warrior with sword and shield, made from gold.

Suggested Locations : Littleberg-Furyondy (west) or Womtham-Nyrond (east).

Geographic Challenges : Door opened by tears from a living creature.

Inhabited By : Human Paladins. Their numbers are few, but their resolve is good.

Activities : Self-defence and tactics classes.

Watched By : Iuz Cult. Seeking to lure followers of Mayaheine into ambushes.

Pay respect to the shrine : Gain a tactical insight for the next fight.

Blaspheme the shrine : Your enemy learns your exact location.

Nearby Quest using Greyhawk City boxed set : Dead of the Howling Hills or Wine Harvest.

Notable aware of the shrine – Guiliana Mortidus of the Horned Society.


Deity : Lydia (Daylight, Music)

Altar Description : Sun shaped brass platform with praises to Lydia carved around the sun. The scent of jasmine pervades the area.

Suggested Locations : Silverwood (temperate) or Flinty Hills (temperate).

Geographic Challenges : Quicksand patches nearby.

Inhabited By : Elven Bards. Happy to share tales and song.

Activities : Perform music during daylight festivals and celebrations.

Watched By : St Cuthbert Church-Allies. Weary but staunch allies to common folk.

Pay respect to the shrine : You compose a hit tune or song.

Blaspheme the shrine : Blinded for D8 days if you fail a DC 16 Fort/Con save.

Nearby Quest using From The Ashes boxed set : Honest Bandits (3rd)

Notable aware of the shrine – Lady Evaleigh of Ratik.


Deity : Orcus (Demon Prince of Demons and Undead)

Altar Description : Five foot goat skull made from Onyx. Pinnacles of light within the skull seem to move following your movement.

Suggested Locations : Forlorn Forest (cold) or Pomraj Hills (temperate).

Geographic Challenges : Three pit traps within the caves.

Inhabited By : Human Clerics. Ambitious and reckless folks.

Activities : Corpse robbing and animating for fun and profit.

Watched By : Pelor Church. Suspicious of nocturnal activities, they need opportunity to bring the cultists to justice.

Pay respect to the shrine : Ability to command Skeletons and Zombies for 1 month.

Blaspheme the shrine : D20 hostile Zombies immediately invade the area.

Nearby Quest using From The Ashes boxed set : Beckoner in the Dark (6th)

Notable aware of the shrine – Jallarzi Sallavarian of Greyhawk, Circle of Eight.


Title artwork is from dungeon magazine, Shadow of the Abyss adventure for Greyhawk, available at paizo.com