On the World of Oerth, many stories are told of the lands of Greyhawk, the creatures and adventurers who inhabit these stories become legend.

This week we delve into Xanvak, a freshwater aquatic lair of a Aboleth in Lake Quag, near Perrenland in the north west.


Relocation : If you want to link this to any of the Saltmarsh adventures in south eastern Greyhawk, simply stick this lair in a lake within Dreadwood.

Environment : If the heroes do not have access to Underwater breathing magics, the local witch offers a solution.
Nash down some Frogs eggs – Eat and breath underwater for 6 hours, has 6 batches total.
– Optional side effect-Start turning into Grippli for 12 hours.

Pre Greyhawk wars – An evil Wizard (Iggwilv) summoned two Aboleth and made them fight over who gets to rule the area.

Post Greyhawk wars – Iuz told the Aboleth of the easy prey Merfolk in this location in return for a future favour.


Merfolk – animated hand and head gestures when talking, have fun portraying this.

Aboleth – If you are linking this to other adventures, the Aboleth will offer secrets (useful  lore) in return for non-aggression.


Potential Loot – 2d8 Onyx (50 gp each), Figurine of Wonderous Power (Sea Horse), 2D12 small squid (Delicious)!, Holy Trident, Wand of Alter Self (18 charges).

Suggested loot from Greyhawk Adv Book – Disk of the Azure Sea, Trident of Oljatt Sea.


Plot One : Wedding Crashers

  • Recruiter/Reward : Wealthy nobles. 100 gp each and consideration for future quests.
  • Quest : A wedding on a lake barge was attacked by Merfolk (who are usually friendly or at least non conflict). 3 guests were taken prisoner. One was a cousin of a PC, another was a notables son.
  • Non-Combat Challenge – Guests are in the dark cave with 6 hours oxygen when PCs find them. 1 has a leg missing and badly bandaged with kelp.
  • Traps : Merfolk are watching and will try to capture folks to take to their new master.
  • Curve Ball : Frogs in the area whisper secretly to 1-2 PC about the glories of Wastri, demigod of amphibians, trying to gather recruits.


Plot Two : Madness, takes it’s toll…

  • Recruiter/Reward : Merfolk clan. Shells of water breathing, ongoing alliance if all goes well.
  • Quest : Heroes come across Merfolk fighting each other on shore. Good guys will request aid, some of their kin have gone mad and attacking others. The Merfolk came to the area to rest-meditation glade, to find the attendants had changed.
  • Non-Combat Challenge : Every 12 hours the Aboleth will send out psychic vibes to take over Merfolk in the area. Wounded PCs may be effected.
  • Traps : The Aboleth is expected surface dwellers to investigate and is eager for a variety of fresh food.
  • Curve Ball : Sea horses will flood the area if magic is used, being around the Sea horses will make creatures give off vibes of enthusiasm and energy.


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