Reroll: Customize your DnD characters in Pixel Art

Reroll is a whole new visual character sheet app that allows you to create and customize your characters in hand-crafted pixel art. The app does also come with a basic 5th Edition D&D digital character sheet for you to keep track of your stats, spells, combat, inventory and notes. All this comes from the D&D 5e SRD, making it 100% legal.


Reroll comes with lots of different pieces of armor. These can be individually managed as in head, hands, chest, legs and feet armor. What’s more, you can even add your own weapon from a wide variety, with some of them being animated if you back the project.

You will be able to give each individual piece of armor, item, and weapon a name, and description. After this, just choose an artwork from the many ones to choose and start showing it off to your friends.

Character looks

There are 14 different races to choose from with more being added in the future as updates. The creators have even talked about the possibility of adding races from other RPGs. Facial features, hairstyles, and body types can also be chosen in order to make each character fully different from the rest.


You can even add a pet by being a backer! So far it is an exclusive thing, but will be added for all other people with the future stats for them after its full release.

Mini bases

Mini bases were just added to choose from when creating your own character artwork. There will also be a good variety to choose from.

Exporting/Importing options

Should you want to export your character art in PNG format or as a token for Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds there is an option for that! I would totally use this as my phone wallpaper, or print my character to have as a paper mini.

Importing your own homebrew stuff will also be a valid option via XML files. This allows for easy sharing between friends and to add other people’s content from the internet.


You can gain access to the Beta version to be released in the second half of 2019. So far the app is about $8 with its price going up after its full release. Get it now not only to support the creators but also to get it cheaper!

You can get an even cheaper price if you are planning to buy more than one copies, so why not gift it to some friend or significant other? The more copies you buy the cheaper it gets.


So… What are you waiting for? Click the image below to go to their Kickstarter post. There are only 5 days left, and after seeing this product and how well they’ve been responding to the D&D community by answering all people’s doubts, I believe they deserve all the support they can get.

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