Art by Davis Lodzins

Written by Green Bird RPGS (Richard Thompson and Davis Lodzins)
Illustrated by Davis Lodzins

DM Experience: Competent
Player Experience: Advanced Beginner

Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you’re looking for a unique creature, potential pet, and story idea generator, look no further than Kakobear – the beast from the south.

Photo by Green Bird RPGSThis simple and beautifully illustrated resource was inspired by two things, says Green Bird RPGS: the pet parrot Cosmic, and the endangered kakapo parrot. Because if you can have an owlbear, why not a parrotbear?

Wonderful flavor text accompanies the stats for this creature, including the fantastic mental image of “wild elves ride naked into battle on these beasts.” The kakobear, a fierce creature, has the potential for a mount and a fun ability to mock their opponents. 

Experienced DMs can take advantage of the six adventure hooks included to loosely incorporate into any campaign. A player would need to be comfortable with using a mount, or a ranger’s companion if you’re lucky enough that your DM allows it.

As a narrative designer, my favorite thing about this product is those adventure hooks. With the creature background, stat block, and story ideas all in one place, it is a wonderful resource to start writing your first adventure! I’m personally keeping an eye out for “Pukpuk Noir.”

Currently listed as Pay What You Want, I recommend adding this little flair to your games.

A review copy of this product was provided.