Gen Con 2020: Events Tome of Knowledge

Gen Con Online is coming up soon and runs from July 30 – August 2, 2020. I just received a press release from Gen Con. If you are planning on getting involved with this event, all the info you need should be contained in the Events Tome of Knowledge

Prepare for Adventure With the Events Tome of Knowledge

Excited for games and events at Gen Con Online? Read the Events Tome of Knowledge for a full rundown of how events will work.

With more than 6,000 events now active in the event catalog, there are so many incredible options to fill your schedule!

  • You must have a free Gen Con Online badge in order to participate in events.
  • Need tips on searching events? We’ve got a How to Find Events page with tips as well as links to download the full event list as an Excel file if you’d prefer to sort manually.
  • All events are in Eastern time zone. Set your alarms accordingly!
  • Every event lists the platform(s) that the event will be taking place on (Zoom, Twitch, Roll20, Discord, etc.) — check it before the event so you can get set up with accounts and programs as necessary.
  • Your tickets will show up in the My Schedule section of your account home page (click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen while signed in to reach your home page).
  • Once you’ve registered for an event, you’ll be able to communicate with the GM or event organizer through our new event messaging tool (and you’ll get an email notification if the GM uses it to send players a message).

All event tickets will be electronic, and most will cost a base price of $2 per event, with some organizers charging more to cover their associated costs. A portion of the base price of every ticket sold will be donated to I Need Diverse Games!

Questions? Check out the Gen Con Online FAQ, or email us at customerservice@gencon.com.