5 Amazing DnD Artists and How to Commission Them

Today we have a guest post from The Everhearth Inn profiling some artists available for commissions.

The world is brimming with wonderful outlets for artists and DnD has become one of them, allowing creatives around the world to share the same passion for roleplaying, worldbuilding, and storytelling.

Crafty Dungeon Masters:

1. Design beautiful landscapes for their players to explore.
2. Invent heart-wrenching storylines that have shed more than a few tears.
3. Create a safe space for the shy and the bold alike.

Building a character in DnD allows players to tap into their creative side and unleash their imagination – so it’s no wonder that there’s an unmatchable joy that comes when we see our dreams come to reality.

All thanks to DnD artists.

As WotC publishes more and more official content, each player starts building their shiny hoard: one of dice, miniatures, and custom character commissions.

1.       Roselle Manlunas

Portfolio: Roselle M (@roezellart)
Prices and Commission Info: Roezell Art – Posts
Contact Details: Roezell Art

 Roselle Manlunas - DnD artist.

Roselle Manlunas is an illustrator, painter, crafter, and animator who has a wide range of commission styles. From gorgeous, full-color party spreads that are watched over by an ever-powerful DM, to complex and detailed character designs: Roselle is a DnD artist who keeps a can-do attitude and a careful eye for detail.

Roselle Manlunas - DnD artist.

2.       Christina Kritikou

Portfolio: ArtStation – Christina Kritikou
Prices and Commission Info: Quoted to order.
Contact Details: Catilus | Facebook

Christina Kritikou - DnD Artist

Christina Kritikou specializes in whimsical sketches intended to guide any budding player’s thoughts to life. Her quote-to-order system allows you to utilize your budget by requesting (or subtracting) extra details. She has a highly engaged following on Facebook and is an incredibly active presence in our community – making her a great DnD artist to approach for a commission.

Christina Kritikou - DnD Artist

3.       Burak Z Çiçek

Portfolio: Burak Çiçek
Prices and Commission Info: burakzcicek@gmail.com
Contact Details: Burak Çiçek (@burakzcicek)

Burak Çiçek - DnD Artist

Burak Çiçek is a meticulous DnD artist with incredible control over his work, allowing him to create complex results that commissioners love. He regularly completes high-end art for authors, DMs, and players alike – and his praise is sung all over the internet.

Burak Çiçek - DnD Artist

4.       Grundaluk

Portfolio: grundalug
Prices and Commission Info: Quoted to order.
Contact Details: Morgan (@grundalug)

Grundaluk - DnD Artist

If you are a DM with a vengeance, Grundaluk is an amazing option for custom-building a big bad boss. His gruesome art preference makes him well-suited for a full range of monsters, whether that be from the books or your imagination. His DnD art makes for an epic addition to any final battle and will have your players trembling in their boots as you laugh maniacally.

Grundaluk - DnD Artist

5.       Olga Siegel

Portfolio: Olga Siegel
Prices and Commission Info: Olgasiegel
Contact Details: olgasiegel

Olga Siegel - DnD Artist

Olga Siegel is a highly rated DnD artist on Fiverr who carefully guides commissioners through the briefing process and guarantees satisfaction. She works off reference images as well as intensive descriptions and makes sure to include every last request when sending through the final result – one that looks like it’s hopped right out of a book.

Olga Siegel - DnD Artist


About The Author:

A writer from The Everhearth Inn kindly pulled together this wonderful feature on DnD artists.

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