Kobold Press has issued an update on Project Black Flag (copied down below). I am pretty excited at the opportunity to play a new game with a company like Kobold Press. They will be offering Black Flag play test opportunities at Gen Con 2023. They have been a staple with the D&D community with their consistently excellent products over many many years. And I hope them the best of luck and continued success for many many years to come…

Project Black Flag Update: Sticking To Our Principles

Man of War, William O’BrienWe want to start by saying thank you for all the outpouring of love and support this last week. Project Black Flag is sailing new waters toward its next destination, and we aim to continue to update you weekly.

Special thanks to William O’Brien for staying up all night listening to Manowar and painting our feelings into this beautiful piece of art. William painted the image shown here out of passion for Project Black Flag and what it stands for in our community.

We know you’ve got questions, and we’ve got some answers!

What exactly is Project Black Flag?

Project Black Flag is the code name for an upcoming Kobold Press new core fantasy RPG system, available to any publisher or creator who accepts the terms of the soon-to-be-released Open RPG Creative License (ORC). This new open, perpetual, and irrevocable Open RPG Creative License (ORC) was announced on January 12, 2023, and will be shared with the community soon.

Kobold Press expects to support both print and digital formats for Project Black Flag’s final release, and Deep Magic (both volumes) will be forward-compatible with the Project Black Flag rule system.

What about the Open part?

Project Black Flag will support Open RPG Content under the Open RPG Creative License, usable by anyone. Open Content will be released after playtests conclude.

When are the playtests coming?

We aim to release the first phase of the Black Flag Playtest Pack in February 2023. To receive information on the playtest process, please fill out the form here.

More phases of Project Black Flag playtesting will roll out over the next few months as we build to a Kickstarter. Your review and comments will help shape the game’s final form.

How do I playtest in person?

Gen Con 2023 is right around the corner, and we need volunteer GMs to help us with our first convention playtests of Project Black Flag. To volunteer for GMing and even earn convention badges or accommodations for Gen Con 2023, sign up today.

Who is working on it?

Celeste Conowitch, our Senior Game Designer, is the lead on game design for this new fantasy RPG. She has been working on Project Black Flag behind the scenes since the summer of 2022. Additional designers and developers are currently engaged with the project, as well as several partners from the community. We will have more announcements on the creative team and project partners soon.

How can I support Project Black Flag now?

We know you are excited to raise the Black Flag and support open gaming! Though Project Black Flag is in the early stages, you can support our ongoing efforts for an open Core Fantasy RPG system and the ORC today.

As of today, the Project Black Flag logo is available on various merchandise at our Tee Public store!

In addition, over at the Kobold Press store, every purchase of a printed product will include a free Project Black Flag sticker while supplies last.

As with any new system, there will be a lot of playtesting, and we need your help!

Sign up to playtest the new Project Black Flag once it’s available!