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Slashers, Cults, and Unseen Terror

A look at Halloween, Halloween 3, what they have in common, and how to use both as a model for you tabletop roleplaying games.
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Arcane Gunslinger – D&D 5e Fighter Archetype

I’ve have been running official adventures the last while and I haven’t really needed any heavy homebrew. Now that I have started to run my Vodari campaign again, the homebrew ideas are coming in fast and furious from myself and ...
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Five Magic Items with Spooky ATOMBments

A look at five magic items for use with D&D 5e that require something more than a standard attunement slot. Also, it's October so they are spooky!
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The Bard Class, Part Six

Sure, it’s been more than three years since the last article in the History of the Bard, but the tale of each class has grown in the telling and I wanted to do the same for bards, this time for ...
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Roleplaying Religions Right P2

For the most part, religions and belief systems are things we experience as a mostly passive participant in their development in our daily lives. Many of us are indoctrinated into a religion or belief system from an early age and ...
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How Do We Define Character Success?

As one might suspect when taking care of a tiny new human, I do not have a lot of time to actively run and play tabletop games, at the moment. When I’m not making sure my children don’t wander into ...
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Roleplaying Religions Right

(Author note: this is another article that has been bouncing around my head due to working at the Art Institute of Chicago. Shameless Plug: Presently, through December 31st, 2018 there’s a special exhibit there called “James Webb Prayer” where over ...
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5e Magic Item Patterns for Alternate Crafting: The A’s

Alright, here we go. We’re back, and we’re finishing up all the rest of the SRD A’s for magic items. It’s a long list, covering a lot of very cool items. As before, I include my notes as to my ...
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The Fighter Class, Part Fourteen

As we come to the end (for now, the future is unwritten) of the History of the Fighter, it’s been an interesting run. I’ll get into what I see as the arc of the fighter’s development over the last forty-four ...
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The Fighter Class, Part the Thirteenth… Age

I’ve been waiting for months to use this article title, don’t give me that look. Today I’m diving into 13th Age’s fighter class. Incidentally, I played my second full session of 13th Age at GenCon 2018 and had a great ...