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Fangs for the Memories! Vampire NPC’s

There are many ways you can use Vampires, unliving blood drinkers in your games. Here are some questions to run through to help you define them as ongoing antagonists. Which creatures do you allow to return from the grave? – ...
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Action Points Revisited – Hero & Villain Points (5e)

Back in October, I looked at three alternatives to Inspiration for D&D Fifth Edition. One of the three alternatives I looked at was Action Points (or Hero Points). This week on the Campaign Trail, I’m looking at tweaking Action Points ...
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Making the Most out of Barbarian Rage Part 3

In D&D (and other such games) have taken the idea of the real life and mythology of the berserker and turned it into the barbarian class that we know and love in the game but for the most part they ...
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Animal Companions & Familiars

Need some ideas to spice up having animal companions and familiars? try these on for size! – Reincarnated Sibling When you grew up and your sibling got slain and then reincarnated, or just transmuted in some way into an animal. ...
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Singing Stars, Erinyes, and the Bardic College of Kindly Song

Continuing the creation of the world of the Zodiac, this week we turn to bards. Bards of the College of Kindly Song travel the land, acting as judges for towns are rural people without steady access to a representative of ...
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Character death is NOT the end

(Author’s note: Sorry about this being late. I had some things to catch up on some things. I will be back to my Monday schedule next week) One of the things that players often go out of their way to ...
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Ley Lines – Dream me a river

Ley lines appear as auroras of shimmering energy waving just above or below the ground. Ley lines are where dreams and hopes and fears from peoples minds and the astral plane intersect and flow throughout the world. Where they appear ...
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Living Stars, Blazozoids, and Zodiac Patron warlocks

We delve into some Spelljammer and 4th Edition lore before jumping into our next Zodiac archetype the Zodiac Patron Warlock. Come for the living stars and blazozoids, stay for the oracular snakes!
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5 Groundhog Day Ideas for Your D&D Game

Groundhog Day is a tradition celebrated in the both the United States and Canada on February 2nd. The roots of this day come from a Pennsylvania Dutch superstition that if a groundhog emerges from its burrow and sees a shadow ...
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Changing Monsters in Your Game

According to this article on Searching for magic [Monsters] are an opportunity to spin your game into something your group will love to play in… [they] are a [starting] place to build your world into something fantastic and different. The ...