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PaizoCon 2016

PaizoCon 2016 is on now in Seattle Washington at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels. For 4 days (May 27-30, 2016), fans will get to enjoy Pathfinder Society events, panels, workshops and hanging out with each other and Paizo staff.
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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Intrigue Preview

Paizo released Ultimate Intrigue back in April for the Pathfinder RPG. The book gave players the chance to play a caped crusader with the new vigilante class and provided rules & support for GMs to run “daring heists, extended pursuits, ...
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Pathfinder Player Companion: Armor Master’s Handbook

It’s splat time! This month we see the release of the Armor Master’s Handbook for Pathfinder RPG on April 27, 2016 giving players more ways to protect their PCs.
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Pathfinder’s Ultimate Intrigue – Preview

In case you missed it, Ultimate Intrigue for Pathfinder just released for PDF and the hardcover can be ordered now and is available on Amazon on April 19th, 2016. I’m just about to grab a PDF of the book I ...
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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Faiths Launches

In case you missed it, Paizo just released Inner Sea Faiths for the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. This softcover book is a whopping 96 pages versus the normal 64-page format we normally see for these releases. This book can be used ...
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Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path Preview & Cheliax

In February, the new six part Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path is launching, starting with The Hellfire Compact, a Pathfinder adventure for 1st-level characters set in the infernal Cheliax. In this AP, players take on the roles of evil mercenary characters ...
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Christmas Themed Adventures – 2015 Update

When I went looking for a Yule/Holiday/Christmas one-shot adventure, I was surprised to see there wasn’t a ton of content out there. Here is the list of what I was able to find, updated with some new items for 2015. ...
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Realm Works – Pathfinder Digital Content Enters a New Era

I’m really impressed with a new tool called Realm Works being put out by Paizo and Lone Wolf Development. I’m always messing around with my setting information in Evernote, Roll20, PDFs, binders, etc. Whether I’m playing in person or online, a ...
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Bestiary 5 Previews: Wyrmwraith & Other Monsters (Gallery)

“Bestiary 5 is creeping, crawling, slithering, and sneaking its way to you soon—it’s time for some previews! But we’re gonna shake things up a bit, and give you the opportunity to choose what you want to see, not to mention ...
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The Ranger Class, Part Five

The Ranger Class, Part Five After a week off to write some creepy spells, I’m back to talking about rangers here in History of the Classes. This time around, I’m looking at the Scout class of 3.5’s Complete Adventurer and ...