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3 Villains for your Halloween-themed one shots or sidemissions

Thumbnail Art by David Harrington Halloween is almost here! Time to get that one-shot or side mission for ...
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Livin on a scare! – Vampire PC’s

There are many ways you can use Vampires, cursed folk returned from the grave in your games as ...
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Fangs for the Memories! Vampire NPC’s

There are many ways you can use Vampires, unliving blood drinkers in your games. Here are some questions ...
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Blade – Taking Lessons from Marvel’s Best Film

A look at the 1998 film Blade, and why it's Marvel's best film - and how to use ...
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Van Helsing and Anti-Stories in Games

A look at the Syfy show Van Helsing, it's nature as an anti-show, and how to turn that ...
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D&D 5e – Vampire Class and Custom Backgrounds

Vampire A handsome nobleman with angular features commands his three brides to attack a young man. The man ...