This month’s Unearthed Arcana by WotC’s Mike Mearls was released today. This time we get Gothic Options for your D&D game, supplementing the themes of the recently released Curse of Strahd that include the Revenant subrace, Monster Hunter fighter archetype and the Inquisitive rogue archetype.

“This month, Unearthed Arcana takes a look at a few new character options appropriate to gothic horror .The revenant subrace provides an interesting way to bring a character back from the dead—a useful option if you’ve lost a character in the mists of Barovia. The Monster Hunter and the Inquisitive are two new archetypes for the fighter and rogue, respectively, well suited to the challenges of Ravenloft or any other gothic horror campaign.”

  • The Revenant subrace can be applied to any race that has a subrace and it provides specifics on adding the subrace for humans, dragonborn and tieflings
  • Monster Hunters are experts “at defeating supernatural threats” and provide some interesting options to go with superiority dice. Now you can create your own Van Helsing or even one of the Winchester boys from Supernatural.
  • Inquisitivesexcel at rooting out secrets and unraveling mysteries” and provide some great options for creating your own Sherlock Holmes PC.
  • The archetype options are full with archetypes that go the distance from 3rd to 17th level

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