Magic Ammunition – Arrows (D&D 5e Homebrew)

When I’m a player, one of my favorite PC builds is an archer that shoots magic arrows with interesting splash effects (versus just a +2 to attack and damage rolls). When my PC is shooting arrows I want to be more than just Robin Hood, I want to play someone like Hawkeye, Green Arrow or League of Legend’s Ashe (see photo above). The D&D 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide is tops, but I really wish they provided a little more content for magical ammunition for archers who can’t just enchant arrows. I really like the magic ammunition found in D&D 4th edition’s Adventurer’s Vault 2 and there are lots of sources for magic ammo in Pathfinder & older version of D&D too. One of my players was recently asking for magic arrows, so I thought I’d post my magical ammunition conversions/creations for D&D 5th edition.