Fantastic Four – D&D 5e NPC/Monster Builds

Previously, I shared my Avengers character builds and now we have another super hero team releasing a movie this summer. The Fantastic Four are a fictional superhero team that debuted way back in 1961. After a couple of so-so movies, the Fantastic Four are back on the silver screen this summer. I was really excited about this movie since I liked the director’s film Chronicle and I read and loved all the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics that the movie was said to be based on. I’m going to make my own decision once I see the movie, but the movie has been overwhelmingly negatively reviewed and is a box office disaster. I was thinking it would be fun to build out this family of heroes as an entire team of NPCs/monsters instead of hero PCs. The Fantastic Four are good aligned, but a misunderstanding could turn a social encounter with them into full combat (just like most meet-ups between heroes the first time in comics). So let’s get started, “it’s clobberin’ time“.