Unearthed Arcana: Character Options for a High Seas Campaign

As some of you might know, I run a waterborne campaign of my own in my Vodari setting. In the latest Unearthed Arcana, Mike Mearls has provided some great options for your seafaring adventures. I actually set-up Minotaurs and Swashbucklers for my campaign… but this take is great and my Swashbuckler was clearly inferior. The Mariner fighting style and Storm Sorcerer are great player options for a waterborne campaign too.

5th Edition Fighters Built for Speed: Mariners/Skirmishers

This 5th edition fighter-based mariner is inspired by the ranger-based class introduced in one of my favorite Pathfinder supplements, Cerulean Seas, and credit goes where credit is due. Huge thanks to Emily Kubisz and the team at Alluria Publishing.

Mariner/Skirmisher Fighter Archetype

The mariner is an aquatic warrior trained for speed. Mariners use their superior mobility to take the fight to their opponents and keep them off balance. A fighter built for maneuverability from a non-aquatic setting is called a skirmisher and follows the same rules (choosing the climbing option for No Escape at 3rd level). In addition to this archetype, the mariner commonly takes the new fighting style presented below at 1st level.