That’s not a challenge, or maybe it is.  I just discovered John Wick’s Post about Chess is not an RPG, as have a lot of other people, and this came up on my radar because of the mention of Chess and RPGs.  After reading it I now want to play a chess themed scenario where the Queen is named Susan Difflebottom. 🙂

Anyway, he brings up a lot of good ideas that everyone should start to think about when you are running and telling a story in your games.  He does do a little bashing D&D 1st to 4th edition, a lot of bashing on D&D4th which I didn’t like.  But maybe, you could really play a D&D game completely without Roleplaying in it.  I don’t know how you would though, sounds like a challenge.


I really agree with the fact that we should focus more on “Telling the story rather than winning the game.”  I have seen a lot of focus on miniature combat, maps, and 3d dioramas, and skill checks, and that is even happening in D&D 5th edition.  Sometimes its nice to just tell a story and have it develop a world with your friends.  But it’s also nicer to have a Bugbear roll a critical hit that kills that jerk playing the wizard. Roleplay that, HA!

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