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Open Call – Pathfinder Needs Quests

John Compton at Paizo has updated their open call for quests.

With the recent release of The Silverhex Chronicles, I’ve been really excited about Quests. The short, fun adventures are easy to use as demos at conventions and game days, and now that we have a solid way to give Pathfinder Society Organized Play characters credit for playing them, I think they’re going to get a lot of traction in the community. Several writers from the last batch of Quests came from the Open Call, and since I’m already excited about Quests, the last several days have been a great opportunity to read through more submissions. I’ve gone through a large swath of the Open Call’s inbox, reviewed those submissions, and nearly finished sending out responses—including feedback—to those authors. I’ll be reading through more in the coming weeks.

As noted back when the “Write for Pathfinder Society” adventure pitch turned into the Open Call, reviewing a Quest gives the developer a much better sense of how a prospective author can assemble encounters, execute stories, and wield the English language. As the medium for publishing these adventures has transitioned from individual entries in independent publications to larger compilations roughly the size of a full scenario, it’s a little trickier to pick up and publish a submission, yet I’ve already seen a few that might find their way into a future product.

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