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EN World’s EN5ider has Launched

This is a great opportunity for you to be one of the first supporters for EN World’s EN5ider ...
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Role Initiative Podcast #3 – Interview with WotC’s Chris Tulach

In episode #3 of Role Initiative, Tribality author A.A. Amirault interviews Chris Tulach, Program Manager for Organized Play ...
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The Art of Magic; Irezumi for 5th edition Alchemists

The Irezumi is an archetype for the Alchemist class and is one of eight traditions, including Metamoporhs, Poisoners, Artificers, Reanimators, ...
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Terrify Your Players in all the Right Ways!

Award-Winning author and Tribality.com contributor, J.M. Perkins, guests on the Dungeon Master’s Block this week talking about survivalism and ...

PAX EAST 2015: Acquisitions Incorporated Live D&D Game on Twitch

This weekend at PAX East, Chris Perkins and the Acquisitions Inc. gang played their latest session. The session ...