Award-Winning author and Tribality.com contributor, J.M. Perkins, guests on the Dungeon Master’s Block this week talking about survivalism and horror in gaming. One of J.M.’s incredible strengths is taking the simplest items or creatures most gamers ignore, and creating a horrific situation that not only makes sense, it rocks your players’ minds. New or old. From his article turning a ring of sustenance into a thing of terror, to building an economy around the butchering of a living monster, J.M. is the only horror writer that makes me rethink how I look at the world.

Just 15 minutes into this pod I had 5 ideas for fresh campaigns, from an apocalypse born of a single shadow, to allying with the ancient enslaved gith to throw off the shackles of an illithid-dominated world. Not to mention learning that the oldest known story in human history involved a zombie apocalypse!

Survivalism and horror done well involves describing the world around your players with a writer’s detail. If you take nothing else away from this episode, J.M. helps inspire your creative language to immerse your players in whatever story you’re telling. Do not miss it.

DM’s Block: Survivalist and Horror Gaming