EN World’s EN5ider has Launched

This is a great opportunity for you to be one of the first supporters for EN World’s EN5ider through Patreon. You decided what to contribute, and there are 4 samples on the Patreon site to test the waters and see what you will be receiving as a supporter. As more supporters are gained, then progressive milestones can be reached with added benefits listed below:

This is a patronage system – you only pay what you think its worth. You set an amount per article you want to pay, but you also choose a maximum monthly limit.

Patron Levels:

$1.00 or more per article gets you all the regular articles.

$2.00 or more per article gets you all the regular articles, plus the adventures.

$3.00 or more per article will get you occasional exclusive articles, not available anywhere else!

$5.00 or more per article makes you something of a superhero. And gets the group closer to the higher milestones.

Milestone Goals

$250 per article
$250 is basically the amount it costs to write, edit, illustrate, and lay out each article. At $250 per article we are able to launch and produce an article each week!
$500 per article
$500 allows us to produce bigger, more complex content. At $500 per article, we can include an adventure every month!
$1,000 per article
At $1,000, not only can we raise the amount we pay starting writers (an issue we care deeply about), but we can also afford content from established, veteran authors and designers

You will be able to Collect EN5ider articles and adventures designed and formatted to be filed in a binder. The treasure hoard of a winged fire-breathing reptile and a subterranean cave complex all in one place. And best of all – YOU decide how much you want to pay!

Legal Stuff

EN World EN5ider is an independent publishing platform for roleplaying game articles and adventures. It is not affiliated with any other publishers, and does not use, claim, or challenge any trademarks held by such companies. Some (but not all, especially system neutral ones) articles access terms via the Open Gaming License, a copy of which can be found here.

EN World EN5ider is the new way to get regular gaming articles and adventures online.  For a small monthly donation, you will receive rules articles, gaming advice, adventures, and more.  Starting at one item per week (including one adventure per month if we hit certain Patronage levels), EN Publishing’s critically-acclaimed designers will bring you a continuous stream of content for your favorite roleplaying game!  From the people who brought you War of the Burning Sky, ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution, and more!

Join me in supporting and become a Patron by clicking on this link:  https://www.patreon.com/ensider