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Campaign Coins Kickstarter

I’m a huge fan of the Campaign Coins company and until recently their incredible coins were extremely difficult to get. I managed to find a large starter set and supplements at Paizo.com a few years ago, and I’ve never regretted the investment.

Well, Campaign Coins is at it again with a beautiful Kickstarter.

I can personally attest to the quality of these coins. The artwork, sizes, and colors make them relatively easy to separate by type and denomination. Each metal (copper, silver, gold, platinum) has its own racial theme that brings the sets together and makes them easier to differentiate.

There is something exciting about handing your players a bag of “real” coins. The subtle clinking and weight in the palm of your hand is incredibly satisfying. Negotiating for magic items and paying for simple services like inn rooms and tavern tabs, not to mention actual gambling, becomes a whole new experience.

Combining these coins with item cards, gemstones, and small magic items (like magical dice, plastic rings, amulets, etc) will immerse your players in your game in whole new way. The look on my players’ faces when they open up a chest or pouch and divvy up treasure is priceless.

The images above are from our Jade Regent campaign. For more info on how to use a variety of on-the-market items to enhance your players’ experience, check out the following links:

So take a moment to check out this Kickstarter and consider bringing these incredible player aids into your game.