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Monsters of the Wilderness Kickstarter

Monsters of the Wilderness is the 4th book in Cawood Publishing’s bestselling D&D 5E Monster Series! The final book will be 140-160 pages, fully-illustrated, full-color with hardcover, softcover, and PDF versions. The book will also contain up to 120 monsters, adventure hooks, magic items, encounter tables, events tables, locations tables, GM advice, and more. Stretch goals include extra monsters, PC subclasses, interior cover art, and custom-made dice from Q-workshop.

This unique collection of monsters will include dragons, giants, fiends, undead, fey, monstrosities, lycanthropes, aberrations, elementals, and beasts. The monsters are broken down into seven distinct regions (Ocean, Arctic, Desert, Swamp/Jungle, Forest, Hills/Lakes, and Mountains). Each region has a wizard or witch from the Wizard Council and a monstrous titan., such as the arctic’s titan, The Ragnar (see image below). With such a variety of monsters, any DM should be able to find monsters to unleash on their PCs.

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They’ve already finished the Arctic Region for you! You can download the free 27-page booklet here!

Who is Oswald?

Oswald Myrr is a legendary wizard who has been banished by the Wizard Council. This crazy spellcaster has unleashed a curse on the world after opening numerous portals called ‘Riftgates’. These openings enable travel around the world and to other planes. However, many evil creatures from other worlds and strange, dark energies have come through the Riftgates.

The Monster Series

Monsters of the Wilderness is the 4th book in the series.

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