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AcadeCon 2015: Into the Wilds – Kickstarter

There are still convention badges remaining for the AcadeCon 2015 RPG Convention that is being held in the Cincinnati, Ohio area¹. November 13, 14, and 15.

You can still support it, by going to the kickstarter page for additional details. You don’t want to miss out!!! 

Kick Starter Link = AcadeCon 2015: Into the Wilds – Presented by The RPG Academy

rpg academy

AcadeCon is specifically designed to be a small, non-traditional convention. We are not trying (nor do we want to) compete with or replace the huge conventions that attract a national audience. At our convention, you’re going to get access to 24-hour gaming, a better chance to play in games and spend time with special guests, and time to hang out with some of the best gamers in the world – the fans of our show!

Special Guests: Robert Schwalb, Rich Baker, John Wick & Shawn Carman

You can also find additional information at the RPG Academy Website: [http://therpgacademy.com/]


– Michael



[1] Specifically 40 miles North East of Cincinnati: 5201 Lodge Rd, College Corner, OH 45003