Talking TableTop with Jim McClure

Today you’ll find the first in an incredible series of interviews from Legend of the Five Rings Sensei, Jim McClure. Talking TableTop is a new interview series where Jim dives a little deeper than your normal interview shows. He caught me off guard with intriguing new questions and twists on old classics.  I will neither confirm nor deny that someone shed a tear.


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Jim is a high energy, articulate, kind, and uplifting interviewer, whose love for our favorite pastime knows no bounds. Not only will you get interesting answers to fascinating questions, Jim includes a detailed “Contents” list of topics for each episode, and pictures of “artifacts” tied to the guests! (check the link below to see mine).

I can’t recommend Talking TableTop highly enough, so please, check it out. If not this week, then next week when he features my GM’ing hero, Kat Kuhl, from the One Shot Campaign podcast, followed by James D’Amato from One Shot, Cypher System Guru Darcy Ross, Senda from She’s a Super Geek, and much more to come.

Talking TableTop with Rich Howard



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