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D&D Rage of Demons – Designers Explain Villains

Today we hear from designers, Mike Mearls, Richard Whitters, Chris Perkins, and Adam Lee, about the Demon Lords in Rage of Demons. Starting from the beginning of D&D 40 years with these monsters, and the process that they took in the design process, and what happens when you’re facing the Demon Lords in darkness of the Underdark… Can your hero face them and overcome?

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Rage of Demons, the new D&D storyline, brings a host of iconic villains back to the Forgotten Realms. In this video, Dungeons & Dragons designers explain who the demon lords are and the threat they represent to the Forgotten Realms. Dare to Descend with a suite of Rage of Demons products, including: Sword Coast Legends (http://j.mp/swordcoast), Neverwinter: Underdark (http://j.mp/dndneverwinter), a D&D tabletop roleplaying game adventure (http://j.mp/rodtrpg), miniatures and accessories (http://j.mp/rodminiatures).