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Realm Works – Pathfinder Digital Content Enters a New Era

I’m really impressed with a new tool called Realm Works being put out by Paizo and Lone Wolf Development. I’m always messing around with my setting information in Evernote, Roll20, PDFs, binders, etc. Whether I’m playing in person or online, a tool like this that let’s you find and navigate around the setting is something I can really use.

Lone Wolf will be posting weekly updates, which will outline their Content Market release plans, showcase Pathfinder and other products in Realm Works, and preview key Realm Works features. Having the entire Pathfinder portfolio available in this format versus books or PDFs is really attractive. I’m interested in seeing what the price will be to grab this content from the Realm Works Content Market.

Running Pathfinder games is about to get a lot easier, as Pathfinder content goes digital in a way never seen before. Lone Wolf Development and Paizo have teamed up to establish a new digital standard by delivering Pathfinder content through Realm Works, the ENnie award-winning campaign suite.

This new partnership will make the entire Pathfinder portfolio available through the upcoming Realm Works Content Market. Pathfinder Adventure Paths, Modules, Campaign Setting volumes, Player Companions, and rulebooks alike can soon be used in ways GMs have only dreamed of. The Content Market will debut in early 2016 with some of your favorite Pathfinder Adventure Paths and Modules, after which we’ll begin introducing rules and setting material.



  • Make It Yours—formerly static, published content is now fully customizable, so there’s no need for stickies or maintaining separate notes
  • Integrates with Your World—seamlessly weave published content into your own campaign, with everything in one convenient place
  • Instantly Find Anything—readily explore your realm through extensive links and relationships, full-text searching, and tag-based filtering
  • Navigate with Maps—simply click on map pins to view the details of a location, or quickly navigate to the map containing a specific place
  • Ready to Share with Players—no more extracting pictures from a PDF, masking out portions of maps, or repeating details multiple times while players take copious notes; reveal details with a few mouse clicks during the game and even let players access material in-between sessions
  • Know What’s Known—track what information the players have (and haven’t) learned with ease, including explored map regions
  • Organized for GMs—efficiently access everything needed to run an adventure; Realm Works does all the heavy lifting, converting a traditional module to content that can be readily used at the table
  • Instant Session Recaps—review a complete rundown of what the players learned in previous sessions

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