D&D 5th Edition SRD – Mega-Update: New Sheet, New Compendium, & Drag-and-Drop Integration!

For all the fans of D&D 5th edition, and players on Roll20.net, I received some good news. They’ve updated the Character sheet. Here are all the details from the Roll20.net blog post:

The 5th Edition OGL Character Sheet is a fast, easy-to-use document that will help players create their favorite new characters and import them into any 5th Edition game. The 5th Edition SRD Compendium brings the complete rules for the 5th Edition SRD to gamers, and is searchable by category, keyword, or reference. And the best part is how simple it is to integrate both tools into gameplay. Basically, playing 5th Edition on Roll20 just got way easier!

Roll20 SRD5 DnD 5th Character sheet

Character Sheet

Below is a summary of some of the details from Riley’s thread on the forums:

5th Edition OGL Character Sheet by Roll20

The first new addition to the Roll20 toolset is a Character Sheet that we have developed in-house specifically for use in 5th Edition games.

This new sheet is fast, it includes auto-calculations backed by Sheet Workers that will calculate everything from your AC to the total weight of your inventory, and it is designed to feel right at home to any 5th Edition player, Roll Templates included!

To quickly start using it, just create a new game on Roll20 and choose the “5th Edition (OGL by Roll20)” sheet for your game.

For all the details of the sheet and a full overview of all the features it has, see the official page on our wiki (still a work in progress).

5th edition compendium

5th Edition SRD Compendium

Next, we are very excited to share the expansion of the Roll20 Compendium to include the complete rules for the 5th Edition SRD.

This new tool brings some really handy features for the busy GM, including a convenient search bar, filtering options, and more.

I want to help edit the Compendium — can I do that?
Absolutely! We want the Compendium to be a community resource that everyone can contribute toward. Right now you need to contact us (drop us a line here in this thread) and let us know you’re interested. We’ll put you on a list to be contacted in the near future when we’re ready to enable community editing features.

What about other Character Sheets? Can they take advantage of Compendium integration?
Yes! If a sheet author turns on the compatibility flag on their sheet, then the Compendium will show up in the right sidebar for their sheet as well. Documentation for sheet authors on how to do this is available on the Wiki: https://wiki.roll20.net/Building_Character_Sheets#…

What about other games and rule systems? What about [Pathfinder, 13th Age, FATE, etc.]
We already have a Pathfinder compendium started, here: https://app.roll20.net/compendium/pathfinder . There’s a lot more content, though, and not as much of it is structured in a way that makes it easy to automatically import, so it will take a while to get it to be as complete as the 5E SRD. Our intent is to absolutely add other game systems as well that are OGL-licensed as we’re able to.

Who can use the Compendium, and who can use the new 5th Edition OGL sheet?
Anyone, at any subscription level (Free, Plus or Pro) can make sure of the new Compendium and the new sheet, as well as the drag-and-drop integration between them.

Sheet + Compendium = Amazing

Roll20 SRD5 DnD 5th spells


But wait, there’s more! It is together where these new tools really shine! Starting today, if you are using the new 5th Edition OGL by Roll20 Sheet in your game, you’ll find a new tab on the right sidebar – the Compendium!

You can now access the full 5th Edition SRD right from inside your game! Browse categories, search keywords, and even drag-and-drop Spells, Monsters, or Items directly from the in-game 5th Edition SRD Compendium onto the appropriate section of the 5th Edition OGL Sheet to automatically fill in the correct values!

Roll20 SRD5 DnD 5th monster